SPECS - 250W MONO GS-S-250-Fab5


*Panels below in bold are currently in stock. Some panels may be discontinued or only available in custom order sizes of at least 300 pieces.

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High Efficiency Mono-crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module

60 Cell Panel High Efficiency Back-Contact Mono-crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module GRAPE SOLAR 250W MONO PDF INSTALLATION MANUAL PDF


  • High efficiency solar cells (approx. 18%) with quality silicon material for high module conversion efficiency and long term output stability and reliability.
  • Positive power output tolerance from -2% to +2%.
  • Rigorous quality control to meet the highest international standards.
  • High transmittance, low iron tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance.
  • Unique frame design with strong mechanical strength for greater than 50 lbs/ft2 wind load and snow load withstanding and easy installation.
  • Advanced encapsulation material with multilayer sheet lamination to provide long-life and enhanced cell performance.
  • Outstanding electrical performance under high temperature and weak light environments.


  • Any large or small on-grid /off-grid solar power stations.
  • Commercial/industrial building roof-top and ground systems.
  • Residential roof-top and ground systems.


  • 10 year limited product warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • 25 year warranty on >80% power output and 10 year warranty on >90% power output.
  • Refer to warranty document for detailed warranty information.


  • ISO 9000:2000
  • CE


Characteristic Details
Cell Size 156mm x 156mm (6.14” x 6.14”) 
Module Dimension (LxWxT)

1640mm x 990mm x 40mm (64.6” x 39.0” x 1.57”)

No. of Cells

6 x 10 = 60


20.0 kg (44.1 lbs)

Cable Length

900mm (35.4”) for positive (+) and negative (-)

Typed of Connector MC-IV
Junction Box

IP65 or IP67 Rated

No. of Holes in Frame 4 draining holes, 8 installation holes, 2 grounding holes, 16 air outlet holes

Electrical Specifications

(STC* = 25 ºC, 1000W/m2 Irradiance and AM=1.5)

Characteristic Details
Max System Voltage 1000V / 600V
Max Peak Power Pmax

250 W (-2%, +2%)

CEC PTC Listed Power

222.1 W

Maximum Power Point Voltage Vmpp

30.7 V

Maximum Power Point Current Impp

8.15 A

Open Circuit Voltage Voc

37.7 V

Short Circuit Current Isc

8.72 A

Module Efficiency (%)


Temperature Coefficient of Voc

-0.128 V/ºC (-0.34% /ºC)

Temperature Coefficient of Isc

3.49x10-3 A/ºC (0.04% /ºC)

Temperature Coefficient of Pmax

-1.20 W/ºC (-0.48% /ºC)

Other Performance Data

Power Tolerance Operating Temperature Max Series Fuse Rating NOCT*
-2% / +2% -40 ºC to +85 ºC 10 A 45 ºC ±2 ºC

*Normal Operating Cell Temperature

Packaging Information

  • Bulk Pack: 25 panels/pallet, 1205 lbs per pallet
  • Pallet size: 66" x 41" x 43" (56.38 ft3)
  • 28 pallets, 700 panels/40’ container

    126.00KW/40’ container