Commercial Products

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Recent Projects

  • 1.25MW Water Treatment Facility, NJ.
  • 1.18MW Elizabeth, NJ
  • 275kW Meaford, Ontario
  • 261kW Millville, NJ
  • 222kW Military Base, Fort Irwin, CA
  • 448,56kW DE
  • 292.32kW Howell, NJ
  • 195kW Monmouth, OR

Customer Service

Phone calls to Grape Solar during business hours are answered by real people. Helpful and knowledgeable engineers can provide guidance during the purchasing process and clearly explain product features and capabilities. For local support, Grape Solar relies on a network of qualified installers. To us, you are far more than just a name at the end of a phone line. Grape Solar is an American company that treats its customers as valued partners. Testimonials