Design Services


By joining Grapevine Installer Network, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Priority supply assurance even when supply is short.
  • First to know and to purchase newly released UL & CEC qualified large solar panels such as 300w mono and poly panels.
  • Priority supply of American-made solar panels.
  • Priority supply assurance of Made in Ontario solar panels that meet OPA local content requirements.

Design Services

  • Additional Discount on Grape Solar panels in addition to our Dealership Pricing.
  • Long term (12 months or longer) pipeline pricing.
  • End customer referrals at no charge to you, both residential and commercial installations.
  • Promotion and joint Public Relationship assistance.

Please download our GrapeVine Installer Registration Form here. Fill it out and send it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


At Grape Solar, we are focused on building long-term, profitable relationships with installers, system integrators and project developers like you. With that as our goal, we understand that you need payment terms that will work with your cash-flow cycles.

Apply Now: To open an account with Grape Solar, complete our credit application and fax it back to us at 541-343-9000.


Please contact us directly for commercial projects. phone: 1-877-264-1014 email:

Customer Service

Phone calls to Grape Solar during business hours are answered by real people. Helpful and knowledgeable engineers can provide guidance during the purchasing process and clearly explain product features and capabilities. For local support, Grape Solar relies on a network of qualified installers. To us, you are far more than just a name at the end of a phone line. Grape Solar is an American company that treats its customers as valued partners. Testimonials