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Ordering Custom Kits

Our stock kits don’t always work for everyone. If you require a custom solution, we can help” followed by contact information and the list of questions already on this page.

Step One - Assess your goals
In order to design a system that meets your needs we will ask for the following information:

Address: With your address we can look at your home on Google Earth and make preliminary estimates on how many panels will fit on your roof. We may notice potential sources of shade or varied roof pitches that will factor into our decision for which type of inverter would be best suited to your project. An address is also important in determining latitude, finding a local installer, and formulating a shipping quote.

Annual kWh consumption: Because electrical rates and consumption habits vary widely, knowing how much you typically spend on power or the square footage of your house will only allow us to guess at your annual consumption. What we really need is the kWh figure on your power bill. By knowing your exact consumption we can input your location data (climate, latitude) into an online calculator and determine the DC system needed to offset your power bill. From that figure we can then determine what percentage of your power bill will be covered by the proposed system.

Roof type: All of our standard solar kits are designed pitched asphalt shingle roofs. If your roof is different, let us know prior to purchase and we will configure the kit accordingly. An asphalt shingle mounting system will not work on a roof with curved tile, but we can supply you with an option that will work.

Contact information: It's important that we get a phone number and email address in case we need additional information. Grape Solar treats its customers as valued partners and will never share your contact information without your expressed consent.

Questions: If you have any questions about our panels or how PV systems operate we will gladly help find the answers. (See: Common Questions)

After the initial phone call you should have a basic understanding of how much your equipment will cost and what percentage of your annual power bill the system will offset.

Step Two - We connect you with an installer
In order to service customers across North America, Grape Solar has established a network of installers. These installers can help explain local incentives, help you determine the best design for your project and provide you with a labor quote. The cost of installing a PV system is a large percentage of the overall cost. Because installation rates vary depending on the region and fluctuate regularly, Grape Solar cannot provide installation cost estimations. All of our installers provide free site surveys and estimations.

Step Three - Formal Quote & Purchase
You can purchase panels and complete systems from one of our various retail warehouses and online outlets. If you require a custom configuration we will send you a quote along with purchase instructions.