What our customers are saying:

Just as an aside, you guys have the best customer service in the business.  It's been years since I dealt with a company where an actual human being answered the phone, and immediately directed me to the right person who was willing to take the time to walk me through thewhole process.  I hope all of you prosper.  Feel free to use this comment ... you've earned it.  By the way, I just ordered two additional panels.  Now my "man cave" full of big screen TV, computers, peripheral equipment, smart phones, and rechargeable battery devices will all be solar powered leaving a minimal carbon footprint.Thanks for all of the help.

Thanks for all your help in designing my backup solar system. Worked great during hurricane Issac last week.

I wanted to thank you for your help with my Grape system.  I know you went beyond the norm for me.  We love it.  It has been trouble-free, it’s good looking, and A&R Solar did a superb job installing it and communicating with me. Thanks again

I have had several people express astonishment that an old guy (75) like me could actually acquire the knowledge and skills to complete this system by myself. If you have inquiries from prospective do-it-your-selfers, please feel free to encourage them to contact me and I will help them if I can and encourage them to use your services and products.  Without you guys I may not have made it. Thanks.

I have to say that Grape Solar is one of the most flexible, helpful, and prompt companies that Linda and I have ever done business with.

Thanks for the assistance, we did find a box locally.The support from you and your company has been outstanding  throughout our project, thanks!!!

Thanks for getting back to me. You have very good points and I will follow your recommendation. I have learned a lot from you during this whole process. Thanks again. Tom

Thank you for the valuable information.   I will put it to good use and I am extremely happy with Grape Solar and their support of their products.

Thank you so much for the quick and informative response. I guess I could use my existing Sunsaver 10 amp controller would do the job.  Thanks again, my boating friends will know of your great service!

Again thanks, Ken
Wow! This installation has gotten a lot simpler than I thought originally, based on the details found on the Costco website.  I'm convinced; what makes Grape Solar a great company is the technical support, without which there is a high probability I'd have screwed up.  Of course, what can you expect of a civil engineer messing around with electrons.

I really was, and am, very satisfied with your company. Grape was the only one that I talked to that gave me the feeling that I wasn’t being ‘worked over’, like at a car dealership. All of the people that I talked to there seemed to be regular folks helping their customers to understand what they were buying and no question I had, whether it was a ‘dumb’ question or not, your people (and you) were patient and thorough. I’m sure a lot of it is great leadership within the company. Believe me, I really appreciated that!